Saturday, September 4, 2010

Summer Adeu

Wow, time flies. Sitting in my yard and I realized how cool it is already. I am not crazy about hot weather, but as I grow older I have become acutely, almost morbidly aware of the passage of time.

Every winter the thought creeps into my head that I hope to see another spring, and it seems like as soon as the trees are bursting with new leaves it is  time to stock up on firewood .

I made green chili last night , which is one of my favorite rights of autumn. I roasted fresh Anaheim  peppers on my grill, and the smell was so pungent, so life affirming

Here is how I roast Chili Peppers:

If you use fresh chili peppers you can buy them roasted, but I like to roast my own. I usually just use the broiler in my gas oven, but the BBQ grill works well also. I just put them under the broiler, and turn them often, every minute or so. I like to get them as blistered and brown as I can, it gives the chili a nice caramelized flavor, and makes them easier to peel.  After they are roasted, plunge them in a bowl of cold water for a few minutes, then the skin should come right off.  The more seeds you leave the hotter the flavor!

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