Saturday, September 4, 2010

Summer Adeu

Wow, time flies. Sitting in my yard and I realized how cool it is already. I am not crazy about hot weather, but as I grow older I have become acutely, almost morbidly aware of the passage of time.

Every winter the thought creeps into my head that I hope to see another spring, and it seems like as soon as the trees are bursting with new leaves it is  time to stock up on firewood .

I made green chili last night , which is one of my favorite rights of autumn. I roasted fresh Anaheim  peppers on my grill, and the smell was so pungent, so life affirming

Here is how I roast Chili Peppers:

If you use fresh chili peppers you can buy them roasted, but I like to roast my own. I usually just use the broiler in my gas oven, but the BBQ grill works well also. I just put them under the broiler, and turn them often, every minute or so. I like to get them as blistered and brown as I can, it gives the chili a nice caramelized flavor, and makes them easier to peel.  After they are roasted, plunge them in a bowl of cold water for a few minutes, then the skin should come right off.  The more seeds you leave the hotter the flavor!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

I redid my studio today

Took me all day, but I redid my studio space today. What started out as the room where everything without a place hides, has slowly evolved into organized chaos. I wanted my workspace to be by the window where my music space was before. I dont have that much time to play music anymore, but I still need a home for my instruments, and actually they are more inviting now....

That's my dog Mojo in the picture. He likes music but hates getting his picture taken. He is a Choweenie. Yep, half Doxen half Chow. He is the boss of me...

This is my office space. I had some music recording equipment sitting around, not being used, taking up to much space. It is no small job reshuffling too much stuff in too little space, but I am ever so grateful for the stuff and the space. Hopefully this latest shuffle is semi permanent! 
This is my mannequin, Evil Jeanette. She hates music but loves to have her picture taken. I am the boss of her....

This is my vast wall of amazing stuff with which to make stuff.  Sorry, I can't let you see what is in the closet. Maybe when I know you better.

Thanks for coming by.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Sometimes when I am in my back yard, which is my private little heaven, I think about all the people that have lived in my house before me, and all that will live here when I am gone. If I love it here this much, then so must they, and I wonder if right now I am a ghost to someone who can't quite see me because we are separated by the illusion of time. Like in the movie, The Others.Sometimes I wonder if someone is standing in my same space in some other dimension., going what was that sound? Did you here that? BOO.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Shipping Center

What was once my grandmother's China Hutch is now my shipping center. She would actually be thrilled that I am using it for this, as she was quite the entrepreneur herself!

Making Boxes

Making Boxes..... It's true, I really did learn everything I needed to know in Kindergarten!

1952 Was A Really Good Year

My house is pretty old, as old as my husband. 1952 was a good year for houses and husbands. The paint is peeling, the cabinet doors are falling off the hinges, the front stoop is crooked and the toilet is vintage 1967. Sometimes I get frustrated by all the little things that need fixing, like I just want to walk away and get a brand new house, shiny, with a warranty.

But I bet a new house would never hold up like this one has. Rock solid, established old neighborhood with a giant yard and giant trees that push the sidewalk up to trip daydreaming passerby's. People pay big money now for these scratchy old wood floors, and the plumber I called today to fix the outside spigot, that finally croaked after 57 years of faithful service, said my old toilet was priceless, they just don't make em' like that anymore, and it just needed a ten dollar part.

My husband has held up pretty well too. Not flashy or rich, but rock solid, and still loves me like he loves his vintage albums, that still sound so sweet after all these years. I think 1952 was a really good year for husbands and houses.